About Us

Company Overview

The Mail Your Sharps mission is to Save Money Through Better Sharps Management.  All of our products are developed around this ideal. This philosophy has been a driving force for the company for almost five years.

We see this as a great challenge and a great opportunity.  For us, it all starts with Innovation.  To solve critical problems requires innovative thinking.  Our tireless research and development efforts have led to numerous mail-back offerings.

Today Mail Your Sharps has thousands of customers in markets across the US.  On average, our customers are saving 50% to 80% on their sharps and medical waste disposal expenses, compared to traditional waste disposal methods. 

For us, it begins and ends with the mission.

Company History

Mail Your Sharps started as a business unit of Plastic Recovery Service, LLC. In 2012, Mail Your Sharps, Inc. was re-opened under new ownership. 

Mail-back sharps and medical waste disposal programs first began to appear about 20 years ago. Initially, the mail-back concept was slow to gain popularity, due to limited availablitly. In 2007 Mail Your Sharps was launched.  Mail Your Sharps has since grown to be recognized as a leader in the medical waste disposal and recycling industries.

Mail Your Sharps has not looked back since.  Our ongoing mission is to continue to develop mail-back programs that are Safe, Convenient, and Cost-Effective enough for anyone that generates waste.

Our People and Our Commitment

Our people are the foundation of our business.  We all share a common commitment to our mission and to our customers.

Mail Your Sharps takes great pride in the quality of its products.  Each product that is produced must go through rigorous testing and must meet strict guidelines.  If there is ever any problem, Mail Your Sharps is committed to resolving it to our customer's complete satisfaction.